Business Service Centre Posted October 29, 2015


The basic concept of the Business Service Centre of the hotel complex "Sayakhat" is to provide a high-speed Internet access and a wide range of Internet services in the field of Web chat, access to information.

Business Service Centre is intended to provide Internet networking, as well as Microsoft Office applications. There is a convenient, fast and high quality Internet access, Wi-Fi. There is a separate room for negotiations in the Business Service Centre.
  • Cost of 1 hour Internet access - 500 tenge.
  • Photocopying - 20 tenge / А4 1 sheet
  • Print color text - 130 tenge / А4 1 sheet
  • Print black-and-white text - 65 tenge / А4 1 sheet
  • Lamination - 250 tenge / А4 sheet
  • Scanning — 150 tenge/ А4 1 sheet
You can also use the postal and telegraph services: dispatch and delivery of orders, telex messages and telefaxes;  typing and photocopying services; secretarial services, interpreter services, express messenger services; making available computers, electronic communication devices, video and audio equipment for use (individual or with the assistance of service staff). Business Service Centre is located on the second floor (Extension phone - 214). Please contact us for ordering services (Extension phone –101).